Meet Us All

 Catriona Catriona owns Marmalade Yarns. She knits to keep her sanity and crochets when all her knitting muscles ache. Despite being Scottish and living 400 miles further south than is natural, she still feels the cold so wears as much wool as is possible while still able to move. 
 Mary Mary Henderson teaches workshops at Marmalade yarns. She is a well known knitwear designer, frequently featured in The Knitter and specialises in fairisle techniques. We are lucky to have Mary teaching our knitting classes from complete beginner to special advanced steeking. We have to keep an eye on Mary whose stash outweighs our stock, indeed she sometimes wears more yarn than we stock. 
 Rosie 3 Rosie is our longest serving employee. She is a homeopath in real life but likes to come to Marmalade Yarns to immerse herself in colour, fondle yarn and play shops. She is an experienced knitter and has recently learnt to crochet too.
 Janet Janet is a local artist who is a crochet specialist and addict She helps to run our popular crochet workshops and to keep the shop open. Originally from Wales she feels more comfortable in close proximity to something woolly. Having recently discovered the delights of knitting she really has no time for anything that doesn't involve yarn.