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  1. Lace Leaf Shawl

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    One of our most popular courses at Marmalade Yarns is Lace Knitting, run by Mary Henderson. She is patient and entertaining and uses a pattern she devised called Lace Leaf which is perfect for beginners.

    Lace Leaf 1

    We have been selling a paper copy of the pattern in the shop for long time but I have been spurred on by the lovely Claire of Mollie and Claire, and the pattern is now available as a download on Ravelry here. 

    Lace Leaf 2

    Claire has knitted this pattern a lot, she knitted a jubilee version for us and has knitted several others, seen here and here. 

    Jubilee Shawl 

    It is a fantastic pattern, rhthmic, soothing and beautiful. It works well with plain, semisolids and multicoloured yarns. You can knit it in any weight of yarn and make it in any size.

    Lace Leaf blk

    So now you can enjoy the delights of this pattern even if you are miles from Frome. We would love to see your resulting shawls so if you make one please send us a photo.

    Happy Knitting.

  2. Looking for a Bargain?

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    We are very excited to show you our biggest bargain in stock now.

    If you want a shawl or socks or even a 4ply cardigan to knit while basking in the sun, watching tennis, tracking the Tour de France or cheering a football team then look no further;

    We have 75% wool 4ply in delicious colours, solid or variegated a£5 for 100g / 334m 

    Sounds too good to be true but no catch, just a beautiful bargain. Hurry while stocks last and look out your favourite 4ply project.

    Excuse me, I think I can hear a stampede.......

    Araucania 4ply